Hip-Hop Dance Course

Beginner Level


Skilled helps you boost your creativity and master new creative and art skills.


Beginner Level

Become a bboy/bgirl

A guided, beginner-level Breaking course to gain knowledge about Breaking history and practice its fundamentals.

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"Hip-Hop dance: History & local Tunisian scene" ➑️ This is gonna be our next theme on Skilled Talks! Join us tomorrow with Hatem Mabrouk, also known as The Falleg, a member of Fallaga crew and one of Skilled's professors. Since 2003, Hatem Mabrouk has accumulated experience within his dance journey and became a well-recognized Hip Hop dancer within the Tunisian scene. Which was proven through his participation as a judge, a teacher, and a winner. The Falleg also is a member of the locally active dance crew, Fallaga Crew.πŸ”₯ He will be sharing his knowledge of the Hip Hop Dance history and his opinion of the Tunisian dance scene. Where does it stand, the problems it is facing, and what are the solutions he is presenting to these problems. πŸ’‘ πŸ”› Save the date: Saturday, May 15th, 2021 - 9:30 PM on the following link: LINK IN BIO (Google Meet) www.skilled.live #SkilledTalks #Skilled

Want to know what one of Tunisia's most unique Bboys has got to say about Styles? 🧐 Join us this time with Bboy Peaky Rock of Rockerz Delight Kru & Twareg Rockers ♠️ . Peaky was born in Tunisia and has been dancing since 2002. His learning journey went from exchanging with local B-boys in the streets to competing and exchanging on an international level. He is now an abroad professional dancer and one of Tunisia's best. πŸ’£βœ¨ He will be talking about this experience and how many dance styles, like House, Locking & Popping, made him recognized for his full of flavor style and a multi-times Top Rock champion. πŸ‘‘ πŸ”› Save the date: Thursday, April 22nd at 11.30 PM on the following link: LINK IN BIO (Google Meet) www.skilled.live #SkilledTalks #Skilled

Want to meet and know about Tunisian Bboys who are living and making a career abroad? πŸ€”πŸ‘† Let's meet and talk with Bboy Diehard of the Urban Bboys Crew. πŸ€™ Based in Estonia, he is teaching, traveling, and judging competitions all over Europe, with an approach that can be summed up into three words: Simplicity is beauty. 🌸 Diehard will be sharing his experience and knowledge on "Footwork and how to find your own style" while sharing how he is searching for new ways to promote the youth and find opportunities for the next generation on top of that. πŸ’‘ πŸ”› Save the date: Thursday, April 19th at 11.30 PM on the following link: https://meet.google.com/hcx-whfa-chj (Google Meet) -LINK IN BIO www.skilled.live #SkilledTalks #Skilled

Wanna chat with the coaching board member of the Tunisian Breaking Olympic team? πŸͺ Join us online and meet Bboy Jazzy Zilla, a Tunisia-based Bboy, teacher, jam organizer, and Hip-Hop culture head who has started his journey within Breaking since 1997. πŸ” Zilla will answer all your Qs about the whats, hows, and whys related to breaking foundation. Not only that, we'll be also digging into his passion for content creation as an artist since he creates the jazziest content on Instagram!πŸ•Ί πŸ”› Save the date: Thursday, April 15th at 11.30 PM on the following link: https://meet.google.com/igy-bzto-tsv (Google Meet // LINK IN BIO) www.skilled.live #SkilledTalks #Skilled #SkilledTn

They say "Dance like nobody's watching"! 🧐 We say dance like Beyonce does on her BeyChella show! 🀩 To get her confidence, you first gotta get the skills? ⬇️ Wether you've just started dancing or you want to strengthen your foundation skills, Skilled Hip-Hop dance course guides you through Hip-Hop's: - Musicality - Groove - Basics - And, techniques! And on top of this, Hatem Mabrouk, aka The Falleg, will get you all the support you need to give you feedback on your progress! Start your dance growth experience now on www.skilled.live #SkilledTN #Skld #HipHopTunisia

Are words enough to express your emotions? πŸ’‘ On somedays, words do not get the job done, and that's when we humans start writing, painting, and dancing, to call it later creative skills. And in the middle of everything happening around us, learning how to dance is a great tool to let out some of the hidden emotions that might have been blocking you from being YOU! ✌️ Get on SKILLED @ Hip-Hop dance and let it be your creative tool to express all what you feel! ➑️ Subscribe now www.skilled.live #HipHopDance #Skld #Skilled #HipHopTunisia