Hip-Hop Dance Course

Beginner Level


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Beginner Level

Become a bboy/bgirl

A guided, beginner-level Breaking course to gain knowledge about Breaking history and practice its fundamentals.

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They say "Dance like nobody's watching"! 🧐 We say dance like Beyonce does on her BeyChella show! 🤩 To get her confidence, you first gotta get the skills? ⬇️ Wether you've just started dancing or you want to strengthen your foundation skills, Skilled Hip-Hop dance course guides you through Hip-Hop's: - Musicality - Groove - Basics - And, techniques! And on top of this, Hatem Mabrouk, aka The Falleg, will get you all the support you need to give you feedback on your progress! Start your dance growth experience now on www.skilled.live #SkilledTN #Skld #HipHopTunisia

Are words enough to express your emotions? 💡 On somedays, words do not get the job done, and that's when we humans start writing, painting, and dancing, to call it later creative skills. And in the middle of everything happening around us, learning how to dance is a great tool to let out some of the hidden emotions that might have been blocking you from being YOU! ✌️ Get on SKILLED @ Hip-Hop dance and let it be your creative tool to express all what you feel! ➡️ Subscribe now www.skilled.live #HipHopDance #Skld #Skilled #HipHopTunisia

Ever wanted to groove on your favorite Hip-Hop beats? 🔥Or maybe you loved those viral Hip-Hop dances but didn't know from where to start? 🤯 ✅ With just a few clicks, you can get access to a full beginner-level Hip-Hop dance course designed to match every beginner dancer's needs: Understanding of the dance style, practice of the moves, quizzes to better assimilate, and a private feedback session to evaluate your progress. ➡️ Course price: 40 dinars ⭐️ With 13 years of experience, your instructor Hatem Mabrouk, aka @the_falleg , will teach you everything about Hip-Hop dance: Basics, grooves, techniques, and musicality. 🔛 How to proceed? 1️⃣ Subscribe on www.skilled.live 2️⃣ Select your course 3️⃣ Finalize your payment 4️⃣ DANCE 5️⃣ Book a session with Hatem Mabrouk Become a Hip-Hop dancer! Learn the fundamentals from the best! A warm thank you goes to: 🕺 @the_falleg 📹 @the_key_pictures 📍 @thefloor.marsa #Skilled #SkilledTN #Skld #HipHopDance #Tunisia

New Hip-Hop course for Beginners drops next Monday, January 11th, 2021 on ➡️ www.skilled.live 11.01.21 🗓️ 📌 #Skilled #SkilledTn #SKLD #HipHop

Soon on ➡️ www.skilled.live Next course with @the_falleg 🆕 🔥 #Skilled #SkilledTN #SKLD

Skilled provides with a full experience that goes beyond the moves. 🤩 How will your SKILLED X-P-rience look like? ⬇️ 1- Learn the fundamentals of Breaking, 2- Practice, 3- Get feedback: Private online feedback session with Bboy Lil Ghost 4- And Share your progress with us! ✅ 👉 Learn your next creative skill on: www.skilled.live (link in bio) #SKILLED #skld #SkilledTN #Breaking #bboying #bgirling #bboy #bgirl #art #dance #OnlineTeaching