Hip-Hop Dance: Beginner Level

Hip-Hop Dance: Beginner Level

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Become a Hip-Hop dancer! Learn the fundamentals from the best!

As a core element of Hip-Hop culture, Hip-Hop dance stands behind the most viral dances of our era. At Skilled, we assist you in learning the basics of Hip-Hop dance, understand its origins, practice its moves, and get feedback from your instructor! The course was designed to match every beginner dancer’s needs through its detailed outline, exercices, quizzes, and private feedback sessions.

By subscribing to this course you will get access to:

  • High-definition videos
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About your instructor: Hatem Mabrouk

Hatem Mabrouk, aka The Falleg, will share with you his 13-year experience that he has acquired through teaching and competing with the Fallaga crew. The Falleg will introduce you to Hip-Hop dance basics, groove, techniques, and musicality. A consistent journey that will get you started in Hip-Hop dance.

Needed materials:

  • Wifi
  • Preferably laptop or phone.
  • A space to practice with a smooth but not too slippery floor
  • Good vibe!