Frequently Asked Questions

The subscription process comes as follows: 

  • A strong will to take on a creative challenge!
  • Select your course
  • Click on the Subscribe button
  • Create your account: Fill in your details and choose your payment option
  • Get unlimited access to your course once purchase completed

We provide you with a learning approach that comes under 4 main phases:

  • Understand 
  • Practice
  • Assimilate 
  • Repeat

Courses’ format follows a detailed and consistent outline composed of many chapters. Each chapter presents a theoretical and practical section, where you will get to understand concepts and practice them. Courses’ completion are followed by a quiz and an optional one-to-one session that you can book with your teacher.

Our team currently provides you with two payment options: Online and offline. As we move forward with the development of our platform, we will provide you with more diverse and efficient options that match your preferences. You can currently accomplish your online payment through an E-Dinar or a D17 transfer. While offline payment provides you with different meeting points: Tunis Centre Ville, L’Aouina, Lac 2, La Marsa, and le Kram.

Class materials section details the requirements that will help you make the most out of your learning experience. For example, to take a Breaking course, the Materials section describes the floor you need to practice on and mentions that you need to do a warm-up before engaging in the course.